Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hi-ho, hi-ho, to Daddy's Work We Go!

The boys and I made a trip this week to have lunch with Daddy at work.

I am ashamed to say that it was the first time I have been in his office... and he has worked there 10 months! (Dale and Grandma saw it once in the fall.)

However... I have to remind myself how far this school year has brought us. When it began at the beginning of August, Alan was severely immunosuppressed and not allowed to be around people much at all.

In the middle of August Alan was hospitalized and released with a PICC line and awaiting surgery, so we stayed close to home.

In September we all went back to Dallas for that surgery.

So, yes, there was the entire winter and spring we could have gone to see where Daddy worked, but the important thing is we have been there now.

It makes me so proud to see Daddy showing his boys all around... for them to see what he does and where he goes every day. So even though there are only a couple of days of school left, it is definitely better late than never!

I am also so very thankful that Alan's health is so normal now. We are at a point we are pretty much free to go and do as we please (with a few exceptions).

I also have to admit that I am very glad this school year is almost over. As much as we love seeing where Daddy works, we love having him home even more!

Do your kiddos get to see where "Daddy" works very often?


Michelle said...

My girls LOVE to go where daddy works! He has a drawer in his office that the snacks and sometimes candy live, and they always go straight to it. They also really like his spinning chair and all the notepads he has to draw on. The others in his office (his secretary and the other assistant principal) always make much of them, and they like that to. (Who doesn't like to be made much of? :-)

They also like to come to mommy's classroom. They enjoy sitting at my desk and bossing each other around. Their favorite game right now is school, so they set up centers, etc. and play away! (And yes, they know where my snack cabinet is too!)

Kimberly Carpenter said...

We go to the library for story time every Wednesday morning, then go visit with Daddy at work until lunch. Micah even has his own cabinet of toys to play with at Daddy's, but he would rather play music with him! He has a cookie tin that he calls his drum and plays it while Jonathan plays something on the guitar. Good times!

Kara said...

I'm so glad you all got to go to Daddy's work. You all have come a long ways and it is so exciting how far Alan has come!

WB's work is highly secured and usually no one without a badge is allowed in the building. But they did get to go inside once during family weekend and the girls were so excited to finally see it. They still talk about it:)

Enjoy your summer together!!