Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Waiter! There's a reckless driver in my soup!

Very rarely do I use my blog to rant. But prepare yourselves. I'm about to go a'ranting.

I had planned to make a prescription/grocery run yesterday, but it was pouring down rain so I decided to stay tucked in at home with my boys instead of a 30 mile drive in the rain (each way). (Nice choice, since it rained & stormed all day!)

However... have you ever played a game and "passed" on a certain card or question, obligating yourself to take whatever comes up next? Well - when I passed on yesterday's rain, I stuck myself with today's FOG.

Pea. Soup.

But I just settled in, making up my mind to take my time and be careful.

And here begins the rant.

I was still getting up to speed leaving town, going 55ish in a 60, and someone PASSED me, using the left TURN LANE to do so, in the thickest FOG ever.

Then, just outside of town, I set my cruise around 65-67 in a 70mph zone, and the guy behind me wanted around SO BAD. I sped up a couple of mph because I didn't want him to get us all killed trying to pass me. He followed me until a passing lane and then zoomed on around, disappearing into the fog.

What are people thinking!? You couldn't see 2 blocks ahead of you. You couldn't see anything. If there had been an accident or an animal in the road you wouldn't know until it was right in front of you.

What was SO important they had to put their lives at risk (and mine too!) and drive so recklessly?

You see it all the time, in all weather. People and cars and people in other cars just are not good combinations. Driving and the anonymity it leads to tends to make us all feel a little more self-important, a little more invincible. Is the extra 2 minutes you save getting there really worth the risk?

And one more thing... in fog and at dusk, I feel like shouting at every car I see with it's lights off (or even just their parking lights on) "Yes! We know YOU can see... but WE can't see YOU! Turn your lights on!!!"

Ok. Rant over. I promise I don't go around constantly wound up over things while in the car.

What about you? What drives you crazy on the road? What kind of driver are you?


fairenuff said...

Hey soup lady!
I am proud to say that I am a careful driver. I dont hesitate but I never speed and I am careful on roads where I know its natural instinct to speed up. So, of course, it follows that I get so annoyed by those drivers who sit two inches off my bumper, making it obvious they want to overtake even though it would be dangerous to do so.

You know what I do? When I say it out loud it makes me sound so condescending!!... I shrug it off and tell myself that drivers like that only make me look better!! LOL

Kisses for the boys

Heidi said...

I'm a perfect driver of course! ;)
One of my favorite statistics is that 70-80% of all drivers think they are a better driver than average. If you think about the math for a little bit, that's pretty funny. And of course, I'm in that 70-80%.
My biggest pet peeve on the road is people who, rather than being just dumb (because who isn't occasionally), obviously do not care about safety at all. For example, running red lights (without even looking!), going 70 in a 40 mph zone, driving while drunk or mostly asleep, stuff like that.
And I always want to tell people that if their wipers are on, their lights should be on.