Monday, October 8, 2007

Meun Plan Monday

Believe it or not, I used to make menus. I would search my notebook of favorite recipes, my old Taste of Home, Quick Cooking, Kraft, (this one's free!) & Hometown Cooking (out of print) magazines, and the Internet and plan out 1-2 weeks worth of suppers.
And then....I quit.
And now....I usually don't have a plan until about 4:30...if I'm lucky.
And then...I started seeing "Menu Plan Monday" on people's blogs and thought it would be a great way for me to get back in the action.
And since I just happened to be headed to town for one of Alan's prescriptions, and just happened to be out of milk, bread, eggs, etc, what better time to make a menu and go for it. we go. I left Monday blank because winging it usually works best for Mondays. And then I found a package of brats on sale! So, remember to grab hot dog buns on the way out, and... brats! :)

Monday - Brats
Tuesday -
Spaghetti Bolognese, Salad
Wednesday - Chicken Patty Sandwiches
Thursday -
Crock Pot Cantonese Dinner, stir-fry veggies
Friday - Leftovers, Sandwiches

And since I'm here talking about groceries and things, I might as well tell you our trips are never dull. For one thing, instead of sitting in the basket in the forward position, facing me & Dale, Alan prefers to twist around as far backwards as possible, with the seat belt cutting into his ribs and one arm wedged against the back of the seat. Most uncomfortable looking, but the only way he will ride.
But the advantage of this is once Mom has put enough groceries in the cart, you can reach stuff. Thankfully, this is usually toward the end of the trip. Today the Reach-it Item of the Day was a bag of spinach leaves. A crinkly bag of spinach leaves. So as we headed over to the pharmacy right quick to get our prescription before checking out, Alan was entertaining himself with the crinkly spinach bag.
And it opened! The pharmacy lady saw it as it happened, so we avoided a major spinach disaster. Just about a 1/2 a cup was sprinkled over our groceries in the cart.

Dale ate it. Yes, I know. Germs, ew, ew. But he was hungry and there it was.

And how can you tell a kid 'no' to fresh veggies? Just before the spinach/pharmacy incident, we were in produce. I saw a bag of baby carrots and picked them up to put them in our cart, saying to Dale, "Let's get some baby carrots."

He grabbed a second bag and said, "Okay! I'll get some for us, too!"

(Of course, a quick lesson followed in how the 'baby' referred to the carrots, and not their eaters. It's definitely true... learning happens everywhere!)

For your own menu ideas (or if you just like to see how 'everybody else' does it) go see Laura, the Organizing Junkie for
Menu Plan Monday! :)


Anonymous said...

that cantonese dinner sounds delicious--what a great plan for this week.

mamasutra said...

Your first paragraph totally reminds me of myself a month or two ago. I used to hate getting to that pre-supper time of day because I was always so stressed about what I was going to make for supper. Sound like you have a busy life! Have a wonderful week!

Melody said...

Welcome to mpm. Your menu sounds great. I love all those cooking magazines, especially the kraft one. I also have a child that likes to "reach" things in the cart. It sure makes grocery shopping fun.

Org Junkie said...

Hello! Those are all my favorite cookbooks as well. Thanks for joining us and welcome to MPM! (sorry I'm so late to get here)