Thursday, October 4, 2007

Peekaboo? Nah...

Y'all want to know something weird?

Alan sleeps with his eyes open! Not all the way open, but enough that you can see his eyeballs peeking (but apparently not seeing) out from under his eyelids. It's kind of creepy.

I've noticed this to some extent when I've rocked him to sleep. But today I went in to check on him during his nap and I guess he was dreaming, because his eyes were all darting around (you know, REM and all). I thought he was looking at me at first, but he didn't move a muscle (besides his eye ones, of course). Weird.


fairenuff said...

Bethany used to do that, apparently it's commmon in babies and toddlers. It's funny because our dog does it too and she's ancient! The girls often have to ask me if she is really asleep!
Hugs to you and your boys (big and little)

Michelle said...

Emilee does it too!! And actually, so do I.... When I was in college, my hall RA came in and talked to me but I didn't talk back. I was apparently laying there with my eyes wide open and she thought I ignored her because I was mad! Wierd huh.