Thursday, October 11, 2007

My friends, I would love nothing more than to write a blog entry tonight, but I'm afraid I've reached my Word Limit for the day.

How did this happen you ask?

Let me tell you.

Dale has finally done it. He has finally asked Too. Many. Questions!

I have used up all my words and coherent thoughts answering the Millions. Of. Questions.

Everything has a "Why?"

All of the becauses have a "Why?"

There are lots of "What is's?".

All of the "What is's" have a "Why?"

Most of what I say has a "What, Mama? What did you say?"
(and yes, his hearing checked out just fine)

And let's not forget all of the "What happens if's".

I have explained myself, repeated myself, given silly answers to the silly questions, and given out information on science, history, & general knowledge.

And I am exhausted.

So I'm sorry. There will be no blog entry tonight. Because I am all out of words.


Lisa said...

When I had excessively talkative little girls living at my house I would ocassionally..ok...regularly tell them that mama's ears had to rest. Because sometime they felt like they. would. break. off!!

Anonymous said...

I once set myself the task of answering all of a certain 2yo's "Why?"s. I was a teenager, so I had that kind of energy, and time to kill as well. She was one of those who says "Why?" as soon as you're done answering the last question. I lasted about 20 minutes before I just didn't have any more answers. So I think you did pretty well - you lasted all day!

Michelle said...

I have three of those talkers, but since I tend to talk as much (or more!!) than they, it usually works out pretty well. Daddy is the one who runs out of words, what with the 4 females living with him and all.., :-)

fairenuff said...

I LOVE these 'why?' moments with my girls. Their constant quest for information makes me chuckle. I challenge myself to see how quickly I can bring it round to the first question and keep it going in a loop before I have them in fits of laughter. You'd be surprised how much fun it is!