Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall Into Reading Challenge

Happy Fall, Y'all!

It's October 1st - can you believe it!?

I was blog-hopping the other day and came across something that really grabbed my attention:

This is exactly what I need! I love to read, but more than ever before I am having problems committing to or finishing a book. So - I'm going to join the reading challenge. Hopefully I can finish what I've started, and know what I'm going for when we go to the library!

Since I have a so-so track record of liking what I pick out for myself when I randomly go read the shelves, I got some help from my local
librarian when making my list. (Thanks, mom!) ;-)

So, without further adieu, here is my list:

To finish:
The Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyan
The Strong-Willed Child, Dr. James Dobson

And, in no particular order,
To start (and finish):
A Life God Rewards, Bruce Wilkinson
Bringing Up Boys, Dr. James Dobson
Nightswimming, Robin Schwarz
The Owl & Moon Cafe, Jo Ann Mapson
A Can of Peas (The Lake Emily Series, #1) , Traci De Pree
Dandelions in a Jelly Jar (Lake Emily Series, #2), Traci De Pree
Aprons on a Clothesline (The Lake Emily Series, #3), Traci De Pree
(#'s 2 & 3 contigent on how I like #1. If #1 is no good, 2 & 3 are coming off the list.) ;-)
Seaside, Terri Blackstock
The Christmas Bus, Melody Carlson

Please note, this is my wish list. Not my to-do list. It is subject to change. The challenge runs through December 21st. Let's see what we can read between now and then! To post your own list, or read others' for some reading ideas, go visit Katrina at Callapidder Days!


Kristin said...

I just might have to join you in this reading challenge.... :)

Katrina said...

Looks like a good list! I've read a couple Melody Carlson books and really enjoyed them, but I haven't read The Christmas Bus -- I may have to think about adding that one just in time for Christmas. Thanks for being part of the challenge -- I'm so glad you came across it and joined in!