Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dale the Photographer

The other day Dale asked to take a picture of me. That was fun, so he asked to take more pictures. I said 'sure'. He wanted to take 100 pictures, he said. He ended up taking over 90! Here is a sampling of his work. (The pic of me wasn't so flattering, so we'll skip it)

He took a picture of his feet:

And then Alan.
And then his feet again.
And then his racecar. He got to use the zoom on that one! He missed the first time and got nothing but floor. He found his mark in the second shot.
Later, a picture of Alan playing on the rug. This is the second one. He wanted to get my foot in it.
And then himself.

And then Alan again.And then me on the phone.And then himself again.He also took several of the view out our front door, the carpet, the couch, and the toy set that was in the living room. Aren't digital cameras great? :)


fairenuff said...

Gotta love kids with cameras! We are planning to get Bethany her own digital camera for Christmas because she is so heavily into taking pictures. Wherever we go she holds up an imaginary camera and makes us pose... and if the picture isnt good enough we have to pose all over again! Hmmmm... wonder where she gets that from?! LOL

Lisa said...

Seems to be a new photographer in the family! What fun we are going to have now! Thank goodness there is also an editor in the family! :)

Karen said...

It's taken me awhile to get back to you but I wanted to tell you that I actually haven't read The Strong Willed Child, yet. Some of our problems have eased up but I still intend to read it. So what did you think?