Monday, October 15, 2007

Just a walk in the Ballpark, Frank

Well. When I said I was out of words (see previous post) I didn't mean forever! And I didn't think it would take me FOUR days to get back here! We've been pretty busy though. Friday morning I spent packing for an overnight trip to see Daddy's band at the football game. Alan entertained himself with the lettuce bowl:
Dale dressed himself:
The boys and I headed out after lunch. Alan's heartbeat lullaby cassette worked like magic and he slept almost the whole way. We got to see Daddy right quick for an early supper and then got ourselves 'purty' in the camper. My boys clean up nicely, don't they? (notice Dale has the keys... add 12 years to that picture and it would be scary, but at least for now, I'm still doing the driving.)
Greg had a really nice place picked out for us so I didn't have to wrestle Dale and Alan in the stands. We could see everything, but weren't too visible ourselves. And, though I hate to disappoint, for the sake of full disclosure I have to admit that Alan was not conducting in the pic below. He was just excited about stuff.
And then he settled in to watch the game...

Meeting Greg's co-workers and all the kids was great. Our boys both did really good through the whole evening. Alan was getting pretty sleepy and restless, but didn't move a muscle during half-time!
Greg had a contest Saturday, so we all got up and out Saturday morning. But before we went home I made a few quick detours (as in: I spent a couple of hours) shopping! :) Yippee! My mom and dad were headed through on their way to see Kristin's game/half-time show, and spent a little time with us. Gramps kept the boys and Mom helped me shop! What a deal! And speaking of deals... I brought home 10 items for $115! Including 3 pair of shoes! (Of course, the 3 pair of capris on clearance definitely helped my average!)

But I paid in other ways for my shopping...oh yes I did. Alan cried (screamed) for 45 out of the 60 minutes home. Yikes! I really don't know if it had anything to do with the shopping or not, but I can tell you it was definitely stressful. We stopped twice and I couldn't figure out what in the world was wrong. Even the 'magic' heartbeat tape did no good. :(
Poor Dale had to sit by him. I reached behind me and patted Dale's shins (the only thing I could reach) once and told him how good he was doing, being patient, and I was sorry, etc. He kicked me away. Can't blame him. I wouldn't want anybody touching me either.
Finally, 15 minutes from home, they BOTH fell asleep. I got home and just left them in the van with the door open and settled in next to them with a lawn-chair and a book!
Sunday was a pretty typical Sunday. Alan wasn't quite his best, but he has those days, plus Fri & Sat was asking a lot of him. After church Sunday night we went out to my Mom & Dad's place for hot dogs roasted on an open fire. (no chestnuts though). And I must say, Ballpark Franks are really really good.
Whew. I'm back.

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fairenuff said...

You gotta love the goldfish bowl look! And is it just me or is Alan in training to be The Karate Kid?!