Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two for the price of one!

I've made one tiny change on the blog..... can you spot it?

...It's in my profile.....

It used to say: "27 year old stay-at-home mom...."

Now it says "28"...because...

Today was my birthday! :)

Lucky me, I got 2 birthdays this year!

Birthday #1:
Monday I tried something new in the crockpot (remember that
Cantonese Dinner from last week? yeah. I finally made it. It was really good!). So anyway, we had that and my Mom & Dad came over (Greg had practice).

My Mom made a
cake!!! And they brought presents! We had a party! :)
(Please click the link above to read the story behind the cake - it was wonderful...both the cake and the story!!)

Alan loved the candles (apparently Dale did too, by the look above). Anyway, he got some 'practice' blowing them out for next month! (By the way... if you come to Alan's first b-day party... don't eat any cake from under Alan's candles. It will be covered in baby spit.)

And then we proceeded with our usual Monday night activities: Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. I'm usually not a fan of The Bachelor, but he is from Texas... and that twin thing was pretty cool. And while I'm talking about tv, we also watched the premiere of that Samantha Who? show last night. Oh my goodness. I am not a sit-com person. I can't tell you the last sit-com I enjoyed or even watched. Reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond? Mad About You? Really.

Anyway... this show made me laugh. out. loud. More than once. It was much better than the previews!

Birthday #2:
Made my prescription/grocery run this morning, Dale had preschool, Alan's home-health nurse came by. Nothing in the mail - got some cards earlier in the week and a package from my MIL on birthday #1 (Monday). )Opened it at the party - fun Mom & kid cookbook, I'm sure pictures will taken and a blog entry made when this book gets used! ;) )

My Dad came by about an hour before Greg got home and mysteriously picked up both boys. (Prearranged, I found out later)
Greg took me out to eat at our local Italian restaruant. Yay! And then he told the owner it was my birthday! Cheesecake! yay! :)

When we went to pick up the boys they had been busy. Dale gave me a gift bag full of pecans they had picked up and a sweet card he had made.

Ahh... so many blessings. Thanks to all of you, my wonderful family, near & far for helping make my 2 days of birthday so special! :)

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fairenuff said...

What a bad bad friend I am. I cant believe I forgot to wish you a happy birthday. Can you forgive me? I'm glad it was a fabby day (x2) and I look forward to hearing about the cookbook. Can we have a picture of the sweet card please?