Monday, October 22, 2007

Memorable Moments Monday

Memorable Moments Monday

This weekend I didn't so much have a "Memorable Moment" as I had a "moment" going through some memories. I will explain:

Alan's wardrobe has been increasingly slim pickin's as the weather has turned cooler and he, of course, continues to grow. I knew there had to be more of Dale's hand-me-downs that what I could find in the closet, so Greg made a trip to the attic to see what he could find.

Sure enough, down came a big box full of fall & winter stuff, some that fits now, and some that will be perfect in a few months.

I felt like it must be Christmas morning as I pulled out item after item of things for Alan to wear, both at home and for going out. I was so excited!

With each item my excitment turned more to nostalgia, and soon I was crying! More than any size before them, for some reason, out of this particular box, every little shirt and outfit brought back a memory of Dale wearing it. I could so easily picture his baby cheeks and hair, and hear him saying "uts!" (oops). Oh, if only I could go back for just one moment to scoop up an 18-month old Dale and give him a big squeeze!

Dale - 16 months

With the tears of nostalgia were mixed tears of hope, as I also looked ahead. I imagined Alan wearing these clothes in the months ahead, doing the things Dale did in them. Walking, bending, talking, growing. Creating many more Memorable Moments. And us doing our best to treasure every tiny moment, because they really, really do go by way too fast. :)

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Kara said...

I love finding clothes in the attic! You will have many memorable moments and the good thing is you know to treasure each one. But they do grow up fast don't they?!!

Simple Journeys said...

Sweet boys!