Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hanging from the rafters? That's next, I'm sure.

I mentioned on Monday when I posted my Menu Plan for this week (0 for 2 by the way) that we went grocery shopping on Monday. The shopping was after a rather lengthy visit with the pediatrician for Alan. It was one of those things that was supposed to be a quick in and out, but turned out to take longer than you had planned. Both boys were great though. I was really proud of them! :)
When we were back home and had eaten lunch, I was in desperate need of a nap. This is how that went:
Alan is asleep.
Dale is in bed.
Start Alan's feed.
Lay down on couch.
Check on Alan just make sure feed is ok.
Lay back down.Dale gets up to poop.
Wipe Dale.
Lay back down.
Greg calls (returning my call to check on Alan).
Lay back down.
Landline rings. A friend wonders if it would be ok to come by later. Sure.
Set phone alarm. Can still 'rest' for 30 minutes before getting ready for company.
Lay back down.
Starts to rain. Perfect for sleeping!
Alan is awake. Naptime over.

Yeah, so that didn't work out so well. And the rain was still POURING down. What good sleeping that would have been!
Dale's door was open so I went in to check on him. When I stuck my head in he was between his window and his blinds. Because when you're 4 and aren't worried about not bending the blinds that is definitely the easiest way to see outside.
I said, "Hey Dale."
He didn't acknowledge me at all, but something about it made me realize he wasn't ignoring me; he just hadn't heard.
About the time I said "hey Dale" again, I saw why he wasn't hearing me.

The screen was off his window, and his entire upper body was hanging OUT of the window. (Thank the Lord we are on one story!)

And remember that pouring rain? Yeah. When Dale brought himself back in the house (via the window, of course), his head was soaking wet:

I can only hope no one drove by and witnessed my child hanging from the window.

And then, back to Alan:
Later that evening we got a phone call that Alan's transplant team wanted to see him because of some results from the pediatrician visit. Oh yeah, and they wanted to see him "tomorrow"! Yikes!
So we got busy on the phone and decided who was going, who was staying, and who was keeping Dale.
I dropped off Dale at preschool and then picked up my Dad. The trip was super smooth and he and Alan and I all enjoyed each other's company.
Everything with Alan ended up turning out great. The results that had gotten us called in turned out to be false and everything with Alan looks good. The biggest thing was that we left there feeling that transplant is more likely than ever. Something about the visit seemed very significant, in a way that we will only be able to understand better when we look back on it. It definitely didn't feel like a mistake. It's all part of God's plan, ya know?

So, on that note, I think I'm going to go catch up on laundry and revise my transplant packing list for fall! :)


Michelle said...

I am glad the visit turned out well. I am also glad that his team is so awesome! We will keep praying that when the time comes, everything goes off without a hitch (childcare for Dale, gas in the car, bags packed, etc.) and the trip is smooth and the surgery as uneventful as possible. God's blessings on you and yours!

fairenuff said...

I wouldnt call you an 'old bat' just yet! Geddit?!!

I have had Alan on my mind since you announced the call from transplant team. I am so relieved for you that it was a false alarm. Maybe it is helping you to set up for the real thing. One of my friends got 'the call' (I know thats not what you had but bear with me) which turned out to be a false alarm. But the very next day she got another 'call' which was when she had her transplant. The day before had helped them perform a dummy run and iron out any problems, which they wouldnt have otherwise had the chance to do. Things happen for a reason.

Make sure you give the boys great big kisses from me.

Kara said...

Your boys are precious! I love sleeping while it's raining, but it's hard with little ones. I will keep your family in my prayers.