Thursday, October 18, 2007

Little Men

Woo-hoo! He's only 4, and already Dale is starting to prove me right on things from my List of Good Things About Having Boys! !

He is a spider stomper extraordinaire! (Yeah, yeah, Sam, I know... but at our house, we kill 'em!) He got one for me a couple of days ago, and then earlier today he said, "Mama! There's a spider!" I turned and saw one big enough that I couldn't squish it (grosses me out). I was still thinking what I was going to do with it (sweep it out the door maybe?), and Dale said, "I'll kill it!" STOMP.

Ok. Problem solved. Thanks Dale!

I was pretty excited about this new development in his boyishness and wanted to share with you.

Before you know it he'll be haulin' in the groceries and haulin' the trash to the curb. Yay for boys! :)


Michelle said...

Lauren just wants to collect the bougs, Rachel screams and runs, and Emilee just says bye bye buggy. I sure wish I had a stomper!

fairenuff said...

But what are you gonna do when he stomps on one so big that it squirts out of either side of his shoe?!! LOL