Monday, October 15, 2007

Memorable Moments Monday

Memorable Moments Monday

There seems no better subject for my 100th post than to celebrate some of the memorable moments from my day-to-day life. So, here I go, my first Memorable Moments Monday! :)
Knowing that Alan's transplant is getting closer all the time, I more and more often find myself having moments that I appreciate the littlest things, from both of my boys. A hug, a snuggle, a peek at a little boy sleeping soundly in his bed.
Sunday morning I found myself particularly enjoying Alan's baby feet. It was the first night cool enough for pajamas, and seeing his little chubby feet peeking out from under them was just so sweet. The hardest part was getting him to sit still enough for the picture! :)
I hope that these moments are a lesson from this whole experience that will stay with me for a life-time: to truly, truly, always enjoy every moment.
For more memorable moments or to share your own, be sure to visit Kara at Eskimo Kisses & Air Hugs.


Kara said...

Amy I love your picture! Baby feet are the sweetest:) And thank you for joining in on MMM.

Mary said...

Ahhh! The most beautiful baby feet. I will keep the little one in my prayers.