Thursday, October 4, 2007

Alphabet Randomness...U-sing what you've got

Now ladies & gentlemen, as you look to your left you will see the current arrangement of some of our alphabet magnets on the fridge.

This began as a helpful visual for singing "There was a farmer had a dog, and Bingo was his name-o. B-I-N-G-O..." Anytime you wanted to walk back and bust out in a little preschool ditty, there was no problem remembering just where you were as the letters were replaced with claps. Simply slide the next letter up out of sequence, and you can very easily sing "(clap, clap) N-G-O!"

Then one day our fridge letters led to a discussion of the game Bingo. Dale wasn't sure if he'd ever played or not (he had). We decided it sounded like a fun way to fill our time. (Much better than say, washing dishes.)
Since we don't own our own Bingo game, I grabbed some of Dale's drawing paper, a marker and the free ruler Smokey the Bear gave him Tuesday and made a quick little grid. After filling in the center square with the star for a free space, I decided to fill in the rest with the alphabet. Alphabetically. (Yes, this left us without Y & Z).

I was about to write out all 24 letters again to cut up and draw from, but that seemed like a lot of work. Since I'm pretty sure some of our fridge magnets are under the fridge instead of on it, that kind of makes it difficult to use them. But then I remembered the alphabet flash-card puzzles Grandma sent. Perfect. There is one card (divided horizontally into 2 puzzle pieces) for each letter of the alphabet. Disassemble, scramble all the top halves and there you go. Alphabet randomness.

Now...we need markers. This one was easy & obvious. Courtesy of another set of grandparents (a set of "greats" in Oklahoma) Dale has a tiddlywinks game with little clear plastic colored chips. Yay! We just had to be super-extra careful to get every last one picked up before Alan woke up. We're talking a major choking hazard here.

So...Dale and I sat ourselves down in the living room floor for a couple of rounds of Bingo. Fun stuff. I think I could go for some Bingo now! (The laundry can definitely wait!) :)

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