Monday, October 1, 2012

37 Weeks

Whaaat..??  Really?  Are we that close?

By this time with Brooklyn I was almost to the "she could be here any day" stage.  But this time around the arrival of a new little person doesn't seem imminent at all.  We're so caught up in day-to-day living and even in the preparations for said little person that it hardly seems like it's nearly time for him to be here!

This weekend we got all of the clothes Brooklyn has outgrown boxed up and stashed away in the attic, and brought down all the baby boy things. 

Greg rearranged car-seats in the van to accommodate one more.  Tyler is thrilled.  He knew he'd be going to the far back with his brothers and has been asking to join them for over a week.  So after a little fruit-basket turnover (I think Alan is the only one that didn't move) the van is ready!

Today I sorted through sheets and blankets, separating pinks from neutrals, and pulling aside any other of that sort of thing he'll need.  

This coming weekend we'll be rearranging furniture and setting up the crib!

In other news, I found out baby is lying posterior, and after paying careful attention to his thumps and bumps, I can definitely tell.  Sometimes he's facing more forward and sometimes he's at least turned toward my right a little.  Either way, I'm most ready for him to go ahead and turn his little self around like he needs to be!  Any experience or advice you have, I'd love to hear!

(To clarify, if needed: the ideal position for delivery is baby facing mama's spine.  When baby is facing outward it is called 'posterior' and can -but doesn't always- mean a longer pregnancy and/or more painful or difficult delivery.  Babies can turn on their own anytime all the way up to delivery.  This is what I am hoping for!)

I'll skip all the aches and pains and just say that considering we are in the 9th month, I'm doing fairly well, especially when it comes to having the energy to keep up housework and school work.  I'm very thankful for that, because I think that is what is making time fly by and causing baby-day to sneak up on us quickly!

My apologies for the poor picture, but I couldn't do an update without one, now could I? ;)

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Kristin said...

You look so cute! Preparing for a baby is such a fun and joyful time!