Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Around the House... Tuesday?

Why not?  It's a one-person meme on my own blog.  Who says it has to be Mondays only?

In the fridge - Groceries!  It is Tuesday, our grocery day, you know. ;)  Orange juice, canteloupe, grapes, and all the stuff for a week's worth of yummy meals.  And leftover pound-cake bread pudding with lemon sauce from Sunday. Mmmm..

On my nightstand -

 - My almost 10 year old copy of "What to Expect".  Yeah, I've about got it memorized, but it's something easy for my eyeballs to look at before I go to sleep.

 - 4 New Reads from library day today.  Next week I'll link up the ones I actually read. :)  Didn't get anything for myself last week and missed having something going!

In the schoolroom - Sit-down academics didn't start until almost 2pm today!  And we still managed to get (most) everything in by 4pm.  I love homeschooling. :)  Yesterday I listed out some of the disadvantages of public school for Dale and Alan: no snacks whenever they want, not seeing each other or Tyler or Brooklyn all day, not being able to talk for long stretches of time, short lunches and limited outside playtime, etc.  Was this a biased presentation?  Absolutely.  Was everything I presented truth?  Absolutely.  Was I happy when they looked at me wide-eyed and said they didn't think they'd like public school very much?  What do you think? ;)

On the menu - Our country of the week is Italy, and we are eating Italian every night (and several lunches!) this week.  We started tonight with Pasta and Bean Soup. It was muy delicioso!  Or something like that.

In the baby's room - Sorted through boxes of baby clothes this evening and have a laundry basket full of 0-3 month things ready to go in the washer in the morning!  Yay!

I thought I was calm, cool, and collected for B's birthday party.
Until I tried to light the 'candle' in her cupcake!


Kristin said...

It never occurred to me that your boys don't really know what public school is like! Very interesting.
Hope you are liking my book. :) Study up!!!

Suzanne said...

Crackin' me up! This may be my fav post ever of yours!