Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And the learning continues...

I thought we might get back to some school work today, but it just 'ain't' happening.  

I'm ok with that.  I know we will be back to it sooner rather than later, and I allowed for more time than we'll need when I was planning our schedule this summer.

Besides, as I posted in our Weekly Wrap-Up this weekend, learning happens anyway, whether we are "doing school" or not.

On the way back from the mailbox one day last week (when it was still warm enough for shorts!), Alan discovered a trail of ants.
He came inside looking for something - anything! - to feed them.  I think he ended up taking out some cake crumbs.
There you have it: nature observation.  Science for the day: check!

Daniel came along to help me take pictures. :)

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Arkansas Grandma said...

I bet the ants loved the crumb cake. Aren't kids something, so interested in a bunch of ants. Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing.