Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Maternity Leave

We just finished our second week off since Baby Brother Daniel was born, but just because we haven't been hitting the books doesn't mean learning hasn't been happening!

It was a wonderful blessing that the weather was so incredibly mild and beautiful the last two weeks.  The boys (and even Brooklyn a little bit!) spent a lot of time playing outside.  With the windows open I was able to listen in on their adventures and creative play.  It seemed the longer the week went on the more creative and content they became.  My favorite was hearing them play pirates.

I think their favorite was the bucket of fine planting dirt they overturned and claimed as their own sandpile.  That kept them busy at least a couple of days!

While the boys were busy outside in their dirt, I made use of some of those pinterest ideas I have saved and got Brooklyn busy with a pan of flour.
 She loved it!  And yes, she ate some.  And yes, by the time she was done the mess was pretty big, but swept up easily.  Very much worth it for how happy and busy she was.

For more inside play one day I got out the sea creatures and a bucket of water.  It wasn't long at all before Alan came looking for the salt shaker.  Everyone knows sea creatures live in salt water!

Another pinterest idea I pulled out for our maternity leave week was Slushies in a bag.
 We froze a quart-size baggie of extremely salty water overnight, then placed it inside a gallon baggie and added about 2 cups of juice, and shook, shook...
 ..shook some more...
 ...and pretty soon the juice froze into a yummy slush!
We used juice two days and on the third we used sweetened milk with a splash of vanilla to make ice cream!  For more details on this project you can visit here.

In addition to these activities Dale kept reading, and working on his ongoing story he's writing, Alan did some reading aloud to me and Daddy and Mimi, and lots and lots of playtime has been enjoyed, both inside and out.  Not bad for having a new baby brother at home!  

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Karen said...

You, with a brand new baby, got far more done than we did last week.

But this is a new week and we are starting again. Thanking God for mercies new EVERY morning!

P.S. I'm sure my Miss Lili would love to play in some flour. And I'm sure I would not love it. Wish I could send her to your house for an hour or so. I'd hold Baby Daniel while Miss B and Miss Lili got their flour play on, of course. ;)