Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Weeks 11 & 12

Seems like it has been a couple of uneventful weeks, school-wise, as we keep marching along toward maternity leave.

Last week was a full week, but this week has lightened up some to allow more time for resting and to-do list accomplishing.  For me, obviously.  

And the to-do listing is coming along, even if it is slowly and surely.  Last week I spent a lot of time washing, sorting, folding and hanging baby clothes.  So satisfying to see drawers full of baby things ready to be worn!
We're down to weekly dr. visits now, and those are on Mondays.  So Mondays are very full days with getting everyone out and still trying to get in all our usual school and home lists.

Tuesdays I've started calling our 'socialization' days.  Mostly kidding, of course.  We have library story time at 10, usually followed by a trip to Nana & PawPaw's afterward.  
This week Dale couldn't leave until he had completed one of PawPaw's word searches.  

After spending all morning on breakfast and morning jobs and getting ready to go, then being gone the rest of the morning, that leaves all of our school for the afternoon.  Plus menu planning and putting away our new load of library books.

Whew! Is it any wonder Wednesdays may be becoming my favorite day of the week?  This stay-at-HOME HOME-schooling mama likes just that... being home!

Then this week Thursday morning turned out to be another morning out as we returned our bottle calf-that's-no-longer-on-a-bottle to pasture.  

Once again I was glad for a day at home today.  Even more so with today being planned as a light day in an already light week.

After the calf-return yesterday I was feeling generous, afraid there might be some sadness at letting him go, and agreed to let the boys get out.....
The Legos.  
For just over 48 hours, and then they are all going back away.  Way away.  So, the baby gate has been across the boys door and when they haven't been out making the most of the beautiful fall weather they've been spending lots of time building, building, building.  I have to admit... it's been kind of nice!
So, between all our going and slacking, we're still making academic progress.  Yay!
Here's two week's worth:

Dale - Finished reading Numbers and 14 chapters into Joshua.  Covered first 4 time periods of the Old Testament.  Completed several exercises and reveiws on working with weights and volumes, both metric and standard.  Copied 2 poems for copywork/handwriting practice.  Learned 12 new spelling words, finished 3 journal entries and a couple of blog posts, and worked on "to be" verbs.

Alan - Studied Bible stories from Acts chapters 5-9, finished his first phonics book and went several pages into his second, starting on consonant blends, practiced his name in cursive, plus the letters 'h', 'f', and 'k'.  Continued practicing addition and subtraction, including an introduction to word problems (with which he did great!). 

Together we read about Italy, including Venice, Pompeii, ancient Rome, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vivaldi.  Hopefully a post on Italy will be forthcoming next week.

Tyler has spent two weeks making fall leaf and pumpkin crafts along with similarly themed rhymes.  Among other things he also got some scissor practice and playdough time.  

Tyler and preschool posts are in the works for next week as well.  

All of this posting is assuming we don't have a baby in the meantime, or at least that I can get them written before then.  Wish me luck, right?  

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