Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unexpected gifts

Is it to the point yet that if I don't post you wonder if it's baby time?

Not this time, anyway.  I got to the end of yesterday exhausted from a monster backache - not labor related, obviously.  I couldn't muster up the brain power or the will power to post.

Thankfully, though, I had a great night's sleep!  Go figure.  I'm not going to question it.  I just enjoyed waking up so rested!

And then we had no internet all day long.  Nada!  The repair man came at 3:00 (after I had spent over 30 minutes on the phone with the company at 1:00) and got us going again.  

You know what I discovered?  I didn't miss that much in those 8 hours.  It took me just a few minutes to catch up on email, twitter, and all the other rounds I like to make.  

Take home lesson?  Leave the computer shut and check it all less during the day.  It will be there when I get there.

My backache is still around somewhat (is that really any surprise?). I did what I could to hold it at bay all day, but it has still crept up on me here and there.  Nothing like yesterday evening though.

It's funny how the timing of things works out.  My dear husband came in from church tonight, helped herd all the kiddos to bed, and prepared to get started on a stack of supper dishes.

But first he disappeared out to his car and reappeared with a bright red and pink gift bag covered in hearts.  

Very Valentine-y, yes?  He reminded me of our Valentine gift-giving gone awry some months ago (it's a weird story, because we tend to be weird people).

So I got a Valentine's day gift on October 10th. 

But wrapping aside, take a listen at what this 8 1/2 months + pregnant woman opened up tonight:
- A fancy bag of dark chocolates (just as my stash has run out, too!)
- Soothing bath beads
- Calming herbal tea

I've already partaken of the chocolates - yum.
I'm sipping my tea as I type, and I guess you know what's next.

February 2012 seems foggy in my mind.  I can't even remember how Valentine's ended up playing out for us now.  I'm sure it was fine at the time.  But I do know I am humbled and blessed by the sweet gifts I was presented with tonight. 


Lisa said...

Sweet surprise, sweet gifts, sweet man. How good is that?!

Michelle said...

It makes me happy to hear how very loved youare. What a loving gift!

Kristin said...

Aw, how sweet. :)