Thursday, October 4, 2012

May be the last to the party, but I finally did it

For a while it was a toss up what would come first: facebook or pinterest.  Or neither.

I held out in the 'neither' camp for a long, long, time.  I fight hard enough as it is not too waste time on the computer.  I sure didn't need something else to draw me in!

Then my mom and sister both got on pinterest, and in their kindness to me, and support of all things homeschooling and child-rearing, started a folder for me in their pinterest accounts.  

Things they thought I would be interested in.  

And they were right.  It was stuff I was interested in.

A lot of stuff.  That board has gathered over 400 pins over the last few months.

I finally decided to get my own account just so I could organize all those great ideas!

I received some good advice from a blog friend to set a timer so as not to get lost!  I may have to do just that.  

But if I don't, I can blame my mom and sister, right? ;)

So far all my pinning is homeschool related.  We'll see how long that lasts.
One of the most recent helpful things they found for me was a post on teaching your child to hold his pencil correctly.  It helped Alan tremendously!

One of the next ones I'd like to tackle is this post on 15 activities to keep your 1 year old busy.  I could use some of that. :)

I am thrilled with having a way to organize and quickly view so many homeschool ideas - and I'll add other categories, I'm sure - but for now I haven't left my first browsing-for-fun love, foodgawker.  Nothing makes my heart go pitter-patter like pages and pages of yummy food to make.  Except maybe fun things to make and do with my kiddos..... ; )

What about you?  Where do you waste time browse?  Are you on pinterest?  What do you like to pin?


Kristin said...

400!? Wow! Welcome to Pinterest. :-D

Betsy said...

Don't lure me in, still a holdout to not increase my computer time.

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

I'm on both but I love Pinterest best. So much less drama. ;)

And I pin a little bit of everything: educational, recipes, clothes inspiration, things that strike me as funny...