Monday, October 29, 2012

44 things update

My original 44 things post.

And my progress:

Things I want to do by mid-October 2013:

1. Read through New Testament (before December 31, 2012).
Not going too bad. Finished the gospels and I'm reading Acts and Romans at the same time. Almost done with Romans.

8. Clean out baby room closet

9. Publish 200 blog posts in 2012
Very pleased with my September/October progress. If I keep it up I should be able to make it fairly easily, even with taking days off for the holidays.

12. Decorate our newly painted bathroom.
Need to get on this one before it's not "newly painted" anymore.  Lost out on a lot of beautiful October days I could have done some spray painting (frames) outside!

13. Name this baby.
Daniel Austin!

15. Prepare a space for him.
Daniel has plenty of dedicated sleeping and changing areas, but I'm not done hanging a few decorative items.

16. Use softer, kinder words when angry or frustrated.
Hmm.... always a work in progress, I suppose. 

21. Get Brooklyn's outgrown clothes boxed up and into the attic.

22. Teach the boys more Spanish words and phrases.
I've kinda sorta started on this but I need a 'system' to keep up with what we've done for reviews and such. 

23. Learn better maintenance skills and habits for keeping things orderly and neat.  Then do them.
Taking 2 weeks off from housekeeping after having a baby and watching other people do your job is luxuriously spoiling but also leaves you antsy to get back your momentum.  We'll see how well I recover from 'recovery'!

25. Buy a double stroller.
Yay! Garage sale find the day before Daniel was born! Can't wait to try it out with TWO babies! 

32. Teach Dale some basic cooking to do independently. 
I let him make biscuits recently.  

39. Avoid an induction and spend some time laboring at home.
Umm... hello! Check and check! Do I get extra points for delivering at home?!

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Kristin said...

Haha, love the last one. It was nice to go through your list as a refresher wasn't it?