Thursday, October 25, 2012

Because boys don't play Barbies

In case you haven't noticed, Brooklyn has a lot of hair.

It can be quite unruly.

And on occasion (as in, almost at least once a day) she gets plunked down in her high chair with that hair in her eyes.

It's interesting enough when Daddy fixes her hair (I overpaid for a garage sale onesie that said "Daddy did my hair" - somebody knew what they were doing when they designed that one!  It's been one of our favorites!) 

Anyway, Daddy is one thing, but I love when Brooklyn's helpful brothers come to the hair rescue.

 They always manage to get the function part taken care of: no hair in the eyes.
 But they also believe in careful hairbow selection...
...even to match pj's!


Cindy said...

I come from a thick, unruly haired female family. None of 'our men' would ever even attempt to tackle it. They were too scared of it. Glad yours give it a shot! Very brave men indeed.

Kristin said...

Haha!!! I think that last picture is my favorite. They are so very helpful!