Monday, October 8, 2012

Around the House Monday

In my fridge - 
All the fixings for a yummy homemade pizza!  Italian sausage, mozarella, mushrooms, bell peppers.... can't wait!

In the school room - 
We are having a light week this week, since we have a lot of errand-running to do, and I have a fairly lengthy to-do list these days.  For the first time so far, we are extending our country study into an extra week.  We are studying Italy and we just didn't cover enough last week to suit us! Those pizza fixin's aren't the only thing hanging around from last week.  ;)  Anyway, I cut out Dale's grammar and handwriting for this week, and we are keeping up with most everything else.

On the menu - 
Other than that pizza, I have no idea (yet).  That's something I'll be doing tomorrow: menu and grocery list!  I'm thinking I ought to choose some stuff I can double easily and put in the freezer to pull out in a few weeks when we are in newborn survival days.  Hmm.... any suggestions?

In the baby's room - 
Oh my!  We are just about ready!  The crib is up, and is only lacking sheets.  The cradle and new changing station (same setup we were using for Brooklyn, just moved to a new room) are both all in place and ready to go!  I still need to wash the bouncy seat cover, but that's about it.

On my to-do list - 
 - Pack a hospital bag. Um, yeah. I'm 'only' 38 weeks. 
 - Sew nursing pads. I love the homemade ones I've been using since Dale.  I am planning on making some for a friend at church who is also having a baby, and thought I'd make myself some new ones, too.
 - I'd like to make some activity bags or at least detailed lists of quick stuff to pull out for the boys to do in post-partum days when they need some structured time.  Easy craft projects and science experiments are what I have in mind and saved on the computer.
 - But first... tomorrow is a trip back to the 'city' for Alan's labs and preregistering at the hospital (again... 'only' 38 weeks) and hopefully making it back in time for storytime at the library!

From the camera - 
The big boys living it up on the big bouncy slide at our local fall festival this weekend:


Kristin said...

Love the new category! Yea, you've got tons of time before you have a new baby around. ;-)

Anonymous said...

you're still menu planning this close to baby? go you.

let me know how your nursing pads turned out. i pinned some a few months back because i could NOT find any in the stores. but i finally did, and chickened out of making me own. i will sew one day. like in 17.5 years. :)

have a great week, Amy!