Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 9

Monday - Daddy had a day to take the big boys for a long-awaited canoe trip.  The trip had been promised since late in the summer.  They had an excellent day for it weather-wise, and enjoyed a couple of hours of canoeing, climbing, and exploring together.  No pictures because I didn't think of sending the camera.  And even if I had thought about, I wouldn't have sent it down the river!

Tyler stayed with Gramps and Mimi and I took Brooklyn with us for Mimi's chiropractor visit and my 35 week prenatal.

Tuesday - story time!  And we managed to go by and visit Nana & PawPaw afterward, a routine we have held off and on since before Alan was born, but have gotten away from a lot lately.  We had a good time visiting on the back deck while the boys ate their library popcorn and tried to see how fast they could ride on the exercise bike.  Woohoo... PE!

Wednesday - It was nice to stay home in the morning and just do our school thing.  Daddy got home in time for us all to go out for the Fair Parade.

Thursday - Field trip to the County Fair.  
Which meant another morning out!  Amazing we got any school (or housecleaning) done this week!  We did manage to work in a chocolate fondue snack for our country study that afternoon.  Priorities, you know!

Friday - After all the going you'd think we'd have jumped up this morning and gotten on with our day.  I guess we were worn out, because we didn't do much of anything the first hour or two of the day.  To motivate us all, I had the sudden idea to go through our entire day's to-do list backward!  I let the boys know the plan, and then sent them to brush their teeth and do their "before-bed" pick up and put away. From there we worked backward through our school day, starting with our country study, which was fun to get to mid-morning instead of mid-afternoon!   We ended up with the boys' "morning jobs" around 2:00 this afternoon.  So, yes, some things sat undone for a few hours, but in the end it all did get done and we all enjoyed the change of pace!

Our academic progress this week:
Dale: week of review in Bible, and I'm really pleased with how he's retained everything we've learned!  He's also halfway through Acts in his trip through the New Testament, and reading through Numbers for Old Testament.  He copied the poem "Geography" by Eleanor Farjeon for handwriting, continued working with length and distance for math, and covered contractions and reviewed pronouns for grammar.  Plus spelling, writing, and our country study.

Alan: Review and short 'o' in phonics, subtraction in math, d, c, o in cursive.  Read through parts of John together pointing out characteristics of Jesus that we can learn about him and try to imitate: creative, helpful, kind, compassionate, wise, giving/generous, forgiving, and thankful.

Tyler: Bugs.  We read some bug books and made a spider and spider web.


Kristin said...

You guys are busy, busy! Looks like a fun week though!

Lisa said...

This weekly wrap-up is a great idea if for no other reason than the timeline is will provide for you. I always enjoy seeing what all you have done in this summary format.

Alice@Supratentorial said...

I love the backwards day idea! My kids would probably think that was hilarious. I’ll have to keep it in mind for the next time we’re dragging.