Monday, September 10, 2012

34 Weeks, Baby #5

34 weeks?  Really?  As in "we'll have a baby next month?"  The calendar says we are most definitely in the final countdown - hello weekly dr visits!- but the 20's of October still seems a long way away to me.  And I am ok with that!

While pregnancy (including this one) is generally pretty easy-going on me, this time around I have experienced every symptom I ever had in any of the 4 previous times.  This is the "bring it all on" time, apparently!

The worst in recent weeks has been the heartburn.  I don't think I have ever had heartburn like this!

Interestingly, I don't think I ever had it once with Brooklyn, but then, no wonder:  I carried her SO LOW.

This baby has been quite high, especially compared to Brooklyn.

That is... until this weekend.  Sunday morning Greg commented that he looked lower and all out front, but I poo-pooed that.  But when I stood up at the end of church services a couple of hours later I looked down and thought "wow this baby seems low!"

Sure enough, although it is still there, the heartburn and loss of appetite is much better.  And in other evidence, after a couple of frequent potty stops I was thinking "I must be doing good on my water today!"  Then I kind of went "ohhhh wait a minute....that's a baby sitting on my bladder (that hadn't been before)!"

The whole thing really makes me wish I had taken a picture late last week to compare!

At any rate... here we are today at 34 weeks:
Sportin' a borrowed shirt from my awesome sister. Yay for 'new' maternity clothes!!
 And Yay for awesome sisters with babies! :)
The first time or two I put away maternity clothes in my post-partum days it was with a "see you later" feeling.  The last couple of times it's been more of a "will I see you again?" feeling.  So, in spite of all the difficulties of pregnancy I am enjoying all of its blessings.

Thumps, rolls, kicks, hiccups, and playing Guess That Baby Part are all as fun and captivating as the first time, and (for now ;) ) outweigh the discomforts while little boy finishes growing!


Kristin said...

You look great! I love pregnancy. :)

Suzanne said...

Oh, you look adorable!! And yes, I noticed a marked difference in appetite and heartburn when baby girl dropped just a couple of weeks ago. Whew! So excited for y'all. and completely get the "Will I see you again?" feeling. Definitely trying to embrace this last week or so. Love you!

KeriMae said...

You look beautiful!! Can't believe you're so close to holding your little one!