Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 10

Another going, busy week.  Sometimes I wonder if we ever have a 'normal' 5-day stretch.  I think... as of right now... that next week is supposed to be that way.  We shall see!

For this week, Monday was another OB visit.  Afternoon this time, so we at least got our school done before then.

Tuesday was story time / library day.  Yay for fresh books!
In the afternoon we worked on a little craft project:

Wednesday was Miss Brookie's birthday!

And Thursday evening was her party!
With furniture pushed aside in preparation for that, we ended up doing some schooling in the floor.
I don't think anyone minded.

Party time!

This week's academics:
Dale: Began the 5 major time periods of the Old Testament, continued reading through Numbers, weighing solids with kilograms, blogged, journaled, covered action and linking verbs, copied poems for copywork/handwriting, took it upon himself to start learning a Christmas hymn, learned about our countries of the week, and only missed 1 on his spelling test!

Alan: Started the book of Acts, began the final review section of Explode the Code 1 (phonics), continued with subtraction practice, learned lowercase g,qu,c, n, and capital A in cursive, practiced his reading, and joined in our country study.

Tyler: Scissor practice, bug crafts & printables, stringing beads, got read to, and spent a good bit of time playing outside with his brothers!


Sarah said...

Ah yes - fresh library books always make for a quiet afternoon around here!

Your little one is adorable!

P.S. We do school on the floor around here a lot :)

Arkansas Grandma said...

Brooklyn sure did look pretty for her party! Love 'em all!!