Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making a splash

As if 4 kids and a pregnant mama don't make enough of an entrance on their own, we stepped it up an extra notch at church this Sunday.

On Sunday mornings you can always count on a handful of people mingling and visiting in our church foyer as everyone arrives.  This Sunday, this is what they saw as our little herd came through the door:

Dale, usually dressed in slacks and a polo or button-up  had picked out his new and very best outfit for this week.  I didn't know until he was all dressed and looking "sharper than sharp" (his words).  So he came in dressed to the nines:

Alan was bringing a birthday gift for his Sunday School friend.  But he hadn't picked out a little trinket or anything.  No, no...  he got Rachyl a HULA HOOP.  So in walks Alan with a hula hoop as big as he is.

Tyler, inspired by all the gifting had found himself a red Spongebob gift bag while we were all still getting ready at home and loaded it up with... 2 leftover biscuits.  No baggie, no napkin.  Just a couple of naked biscuits.

Brooklyn was looking pretty spiffy herself.  Some of her outfits are dressier than others, and Saturday night I had laid out one of her frillier dresses.  I hadn't noticed the coordinated colors yet, but as everyone was oohing and ahhing over Dale in his suit, he pipes up and says.... "The way Brooklyn and I match we look like a BRIDE AND GROOM!!"

And... hello everyone... we have arrived for church!!


Kristin said...

Haha, I needed that laugh. Dale does look "sharper than sharp!" Very nice!

Cindy said...

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!