Thursday, September 6, 2012

Country Studies - Spain

Our week in Spain focused mainly on art and the Spanish language.


- began by locating Spain on our giant atlas, discussing its capital, its neighbor Portugal, what a peninsula is, and major land forms on the Iberian peninsula.  

 - read a brief history and other information from our Encyclopedia of World Geography.

 - printed an outline map of Europe and colored the UK and Spain.  We will add to this map each week as long as we are in Europe.
Outline Map of Europe:

 - learned what it is like to be a kid in Spain today.  Time for Kids has a fun feature of a "Day in the Life" of kids from different countries. 
Day in the life:

 - touched very briefly on the composers of Spain and listened to a small sampling from Isaac Albeniz on youtube.
Composers of Spain

Our biggest projects from Spain were inspired by Picasso.  First up were Picasso faces as detailed at Art Lessons for Kids.
Picasso faces:

For our more involved Picasso creation we had a guest teacher!
 Mimi came and walked the boys through each step, from tearing and gluing the paper for texture.... tracing the template, sectioning off the paper, and painting in each section.

I loved being able to just sit back and take pictures!  Aren't the finished products pretty?
Picasso Violin, from That Artist Woman:

Some of our library books for the week included:

Pablo Picasso (Art for Children)
I love the Art for Children series for its tame samples of artwork (no noodies!) and its leaving out biographical info about less-than-honorable life choices (no mention of dying from s.t. diseases!).

Some selections fun for exposure to foreign language vocabulary:
See and Say: A Picture Book in Four Languages
ABC's in English and Spanish
The story of The Little Red Hen, told in both English and Spanish.  This was an older book (that I can't find on Amazon, but many similar books are available.  The repetition of this story lent itself well to recognizing some of the Spanish words as we read through.

Dale enjoyed the Newberry winner Shadow of a Bull, set in Spain, and (surprise) about bullfighting.

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Kristin said...

Your weekly country studies are such a great idea! Your boys (and you!) will have a wonderful overall knowledge when this year is finished!