Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Exercise, bike riding, and brother time. What's not to love?

I could make a long list of things we love about homeschooling.  That list would absolutely include the freedom our boys have for physical activity throughout the day.

When attention spans lag after a lengthy math lesson even a 5 minute session on the trampoline can do wonders for refocusing.  If frustrations are building with a new handwriting or other skill, a break to play with brothers in the backyard can lift spirits and give fresh perspective.

In the fall when days finally start to get cool, or in the spring when you can at last go out without a coat, or around here when we get one of those melt-by-noon snowfalls, homeschooled kids don't have to be cooped up in a classroom.

And recently, when we have still been dealing with high temperatures for much of the day, we can take advantage of the still-cool mornings to burn off some energy.

We notice such a difference in our boys when they are able to get out and run and play each day!

Our routine began with just Dale.  As a new privilege for this school year we decided to allow him to ride his bike alone on our street and the next one over without adult escort.  Our neighborhood is low traffic anyway, and first thing in the morning things are especially quiet.

So, I assign him a certain number of laps back and forth and that often gets us through the morning smoothly.

Not long after starting this new routine, Alan wanted to join him.  While we aren't ready to let Alan out of our sight on his bike yet, we decided he could ride alone (with Dale) on just our street.

So, each morning, they set out.  We live toward one end of our street, so when Dale sets off to turn the corner, Alan waits patiently at the end of our driveway for Dale's return:
As soon as he sees him round the corner he is off to meet him:
And away....
Until they make their u-turn and pass back by home, and the wait starts all over again.

Little brother doesn't much like getting left behind in anything his brothers do.
In this case, there's not much a little guy can do...
except play the throwing pinecones game...
those cycling big brothers made up. :)


Kristin said...

Those boys. :)
and what was Miss Brookie doing?

Lisa said...

*sigh* Those boys. :)