Thursday, September 20, 2012

Field Trip!

The long-awaited county fair has finally arrived.  The fun kicked off with a parade yesterday evening, followed by a trip out to see the sights this morning.  Enjoy!
See those baseball caps? By the time we left they were all 3 full of candy!

I think Alan waved at everything that passed by.  Including a huge 2-armed wave to the John Deere equipment. 
Tyler loved.... this thing.... the first thing he saw this morning.  He thought it was great!

Let's inspect it a little closer.  Yep... it's got lug-nuts.

When you keep a calf in your backyard a few months you find yourself even more interested in watching other people show theirs!  (I love the contrast in these two boys... blonde/brunette, tennis shoes/boots... I could go on and on.  And yet they are best friends!)

Never met this kind high-schooler before in our lives, but she was sweet enough to stop and talk to our crew and let them pet her sheep!

Dale, nose-to-nose with a camo-wearing sheep.  
My little cowboy, inching as close as he could get!
For whatever reason, I took no pictures in the other exhibit buildings, but my guys enjoyed (almost as much as the animals) looking at the all of the art, crafts, quilt & garden entries.  

Fun day, and super thankful to be able to enjoy it as a family in the quiet, not-crowded daylight of a cool morning!


Kristin said...

What a fun morning. That sweet high-school girl sharing her sheep with Alan was so sweet to me. I love going to places when they are the least crowded. It's the best.

Donna said...

Awesome! Every year, we joke about how the county fair is the same ol' thing, and you know what??? Every year, we enjoy it! Looks like a great time!