Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 7

Monday - Labor Day.  Greg was off and cooked up some plans for himself and the older boys so we took a day off.
 Tuesday - Our weekly story time visit to the library.  Picked up books for our Country of the Week (France), aaand some others.  Because we can never leave with just a few books.
 Wednesday - I updated the blog throughout the day for my 'Day in the Life' post.  Fairly typical day in a lot of ways.
 Thursday - Glad I didn't live blog this day!  Overslept, felt behind and somewhat short tempered.  No particular reason.  Other than it being the 5th straight day over 100 degrees and that whole 8 months pregnant thing.
 Friday - Long day, with Daddy working late.  Took our time.  Our workload was the usual but felt light.  Boys could finally take it no more and escaped for some outside play in the last half hour before dark, even though it was still over 95!!  Finished the night with a shower from the hose in the backyard (soap, shampoo, and all!) and some lights-out, pjs, blanket nest in the floor baseball.
Academically speaking, this week: 
Dale - Still reading Exodus, working on mental math, copywork from Proverbs and our never-ending read-aloud, Swiss Family Robinson.  Spelling list of homophones,  sentences and verbs for grammar.  France and ants for social studies and science. Respectively.  Rhyming a bonus. :)

 Alan - Forgiveness was the Bible topic of the week.  Addition in math, still practicing same letters in cursive, review week in phonics (short a, i, u).  France and ants for this boy, too. :)  Discovered a new learning/fun website he likes: Little Animals, from BBC.

 Tyler - Week two of cars and trucks. Post to come next week. (You can read about our Under the Sea unit here.)  We've read books, done puzzles, and made a handful of crafts!  Also inspired by Tyler's unit is the 10 foot 'city' (as the boys call it) or 'road map' (as I call it) pictured in this post.  They drew it themselves and have played with it every day this week!


Betsy said...

Does Brooklyn like to be with school activities, it looks like it.

Amy said...

Brooklyn very much likes to be in the middle of whatever is going on. And she especially loves the crinkly paper from this particular activity! Her swishing feet have wreaked havoc on their city more than once! :)

Lisa said...

I love seemingly simple activities that all the children enjoy together. To me, that is one of the (many) benefits of homeschooling. The 10-foot city is awesome.