Saturday, September 1, 2012


Whether by luck, determination or my own misfortune, I have managed to get this far and not be on Pinterest.

Fortunately for me, I have people looking out for me and my kiddos that are plugged in to those endless pages of wonderful ideas.  

Kristin showed up on her recent visit prepared to pull off not one, but two fun projects with the boys.

First up: Flubber!

Bowl #1 - dissolve borax in warm water.

Bowl #2 - Mix school glue with more warm water.  Add food coloring.

 Mix bowl #2 into bowl #1.

Remember this picture from Friday's Weekly Wrap Up?

Here's the rest of it:

A slimy, slippery time was had by all.  And we still have flubbers-in-a-baggie for extended play!
Come back next week for Project #2, I dare say even a bigger hit than the flubber!

(We followed the flubber recipe from this site.)

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