Friday, September 2, 2011

I should blog.

I was looking at my archive list the other day and saw that 2011 is looking to be a sure bet for the year with the least posts.

Year 5.

And Year 4 was the least before that.  

I always think that the lack of posts is simply because of the life-season I am in at the moment.  (It's summer..... It's a new school year... It's a new baby soon.....) but then I look back at that archive and realize it's all one big season of declining blogging.

I have no explanation for this.

A few theories, but no solid proof.

For now my seasonal excuse is the final days of pregnancy.  Because we are to that point.... days.  Not weeks anymore.  Days.

So we've been busy putting the final touches on a sweet pink baby room (post to come on that.... maybe - ha! - but you can get a sneak peek here and here), taking some fun preggo portraits, sewing a carseat cover, and -oh yeah- all that real-life stuff like laundry and parenting and meals and housekeeping and homeschooling.  

All that stuff makes me tired.  Who am I kidding? All that stuff makes a person tired anyway, never mind while carrying around another human being.  

So instead of blogging, I'm busy. Or instead of blogging, I'm sitting back and enjoying my boys.  They're crazy, in a funny sort of way.  Or instead of blogging, I'm spending time with Daddy Buffalo, sometimes taking care of more of that running a household stuff, sometimes just zoning out and watching baseball.

And on one more note of random rambly randomness... we (heart) our Rangers. Fun times. 

See y'all around.  When I probably won't be blogging more frequently in the next season, no matter my optimism. Two or three a week seem to be it for now.  But I'm ok with that.  Beats nuthin'. ;)

Photo credit: My awesome mom @Simple Journeys.


Kristin said...

I always love your posts. :)
They are my favorite.

Linda Jacobs said...

Gorgeous clothesline full of girly dresses for Miss B! And I love how you composed this with you and your belly in the background. Exciting time!

Cindy said...

Lovely little girl dresses, my favorite thing! Listen, about your blogging, don't worry. Have you ever seen that commercial where that young lady is wondering about how her parents are coping with her moving out on her own because they are not spending anytime on Facebook which must mean they are miserable? Then, it cuts to her parents and they are out hiking looking like they are having a fantastic time. Blogging is fun but 'real' is always better.

Michelle said...

Love the little girl clothes picture!