Tuesday, September 13, 2011

August Ocean Unit

Preschool Resources:
Elementary Resources:
Paper Plate Fish
(from "Under the Sea")
Goes great with the book Rainbow Fish)

Gigantic Ocean mural posters
(bought second-hand a couple of years ago)

Feeding the Octopus goldfish crackers
(From "Under the Sea")

Crab Handprint Puppets
(From "Under the Sea")

Sand & Glitter Seahorses

Some of our book selections:
If you enjoy older living books, I cannot say enough good things about Houses of the Sea!

Of course, this isn't an all-inclusive list of our month+ long unit, but a smattering of our favorites (and the ones I remembered to get pictures of.) ;)

As far as the currclick resources listed at the beginning, "Under the Sea" is full of excellent ideas and great printables for the Preschool/Kindergarten set.  Lots of alphabet, math and other activities... 90 pages worth!  Almost everything I buy on currclick I wait and get on sale, but if you are thinking of doing an ocean unit w/your 3-6 year old (depending on ability) this would be worth full-price! (A whopping $5 if I remember correctly) ;)

The Hermit Crab resource includes printables for a lapbook.

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Linda Jacobs said...

So creative! I want to be in your homeschool!