Friday, September 16, 2011

Feeling Artsy?

If I ever have another baby you will find us following our schedule and 'doing school' until the very end.  

This time around once we entered the realm of getting close to D-day, we pretty much dropped all school, quickly followed by most structure and routine.  


The boys have handled it ok, but my brain... my brain could have used the distraction.

But there has been good to come from this.

Not only is the house staying cleaner than it has in months, we are actually getting to fun stuff that often gets neglected in the daily routine.

Fun stuff like... art!
One morning this week we busted out the paints and brushes and did a 'for real' art project.
I was curious to see how the boys would take being instructed instead of just a painting free-for-all.
And while they did ask a time or two at first if they could paint whatever they wanted, by the time we got into it good the verdict was in....

"This is fun!"

We had a simple lesson on primary colors and mixing them to form the secondaries.
(I love how Tyler is admiring his work.)

Even when we get back to a school schedule I want to remember to set aside time for structured fun and projects like this.  Mmmm... I'm already eyeing Fall and the holidays and dreaming of all the ideas out there!

And if Miss B continues delaying her arrival I will definitely be considering another 'real' art project for next week! But not today.  Today we're making cookies. :)
Full instructions for this project can be found at 


Kristin said...

Haha. I, too, love the picture with Tyler admiring his artwork. He is too cute! I love the finished products! Pretty stuff. Enjoy those cookies!

Keri Mae said...

Delay? What delay? Miss B hasn't even hit her due date yet (gotta love that last month of pregnancy LOL!)

Wanted to give you some new baby love. Amy, meet Amy (with her sweet 2 week old):