Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gloop, gluck, slime.

A woman expecting a baby any day really shouldn't leave her blog idle for days at a time.

Or maybe the suspense isn't getting to you like it is to me.  Sometimes, at the height of wondering 'when will it be time?', my phone will ring and I jump to answer, thinking someone is calling to let me know it's baby time!  Which makes no sense, because I will be first to know.  I will be the one making the "it's time" phone calls.
I think it's probably a remnant from our waiting for the transplant call days.  

Back then we waited for the phone to ring to know when it was time to take our baby to the hospital.
Now we are waiting for .... other things... to know when it is time to go to the hospital and get our baby.

At any rate, my point is we are still here.  Still waiting. 

Yesterday's waiting activity was a messy one....
We made slime!
A heaping 2/3 cup cornstarch, almost an equal amount of water, and several drops of food coloring.
Mix well and you get an amazing concoction that behaves like both a solid and a liquid!
Fun for all ages, but incredibly messy.  I found it best to leave the huge table (and floor and chair) mess to dry and then it scraped away easily.  
All the boys enjoyed it, but Alan stayed long (and I do mean long) after the other two had their fill.
Tick tock, tick tock..... another day, another project!


Karen@Candid Diversions said...

I keep anxiously checking Twitter and your blog. You won't be live blogging this birth, by any chance would you? ;) Just kidding!

Looks like fun but I can just imagine the mess my Sweet Pea would make with that stuff. (shudder)

Kristin said...

Haha, looks like fun. I can't wait to hear about today's project.

ArkGrandma said...

What a good looking group to be waiting with! They look like they are having a good time.
As ever..."waiting from Arkansas"