Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby Hats

Still here.  Still waiting.  Still creating.  

Yesterday's baby project came from a well-timed link on One Pretty Thing

Saw it, emailed it (to mom), made it.  Ok, so mom made it.  I felt kind of weird, like I handed out an assignment.  But I loved watching her work and turn out something amazingly cute in an amazingly short amount of time!

First, gather some knits in cute prints.

 Cut out pattern pieces & assemble.

 Baby hats!
Pattern & tutorial can be found here.


Kristin said...

These are super cute! Now for the little head to put them on!

Keri Mae said...

Welcome to the Post-Due Baby Club! :)

I'm sending you to this link for something to do with the boys, from another Texan blogger:

Ok, Baby, Come on out!

Keri Mae

Bloomsandbugs said...


Love those hats.
These are even better than my original.
Would you mind if I link up to these on my blog?