Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Countdown and Confession Time

So maybe you have noticed the baby countdown jumping around a bit in the sidebar.  Maybe you haven't.

Yesterday it said 1 day remaining.   Today it says 10. 

One morning a while back it said 23 days remaining.  By that afternoon it said 13.

What gives?

First of all, we are quite sure, and always have been, of baby's due date.  

However, a couple of weeks ago, my doctor offered an induction date, and even though I had been induced in all three previous deliveries and had wanted to avoid it this time, I accepted.

Long story short... we changed our minds. 

So here I sit, knowing that just 24 hours ago my name was somewhere on a hospital form for our arrival this morning.

Based on my last two deliveries, we very likely could have been holding our baby girl in our arms by early this afternoon.

And while I am very anxious to be doing just that, I am very confident that we made the right decision.

Impatient?  Yes.  Regretful?  No.

This isn't about me.  This story belongs to God and Miss B.  The two of them have the timing worked out just right.  The rest of us just have to wait and see how they write it.


Linda Jacobs said...

Good for you; let nature take it's course. Keeping my fingers crossed you have an easy labor and delivery!

Love those chubby feet!

Karen said...

My m-i-l always tells me, "She'll come on her birthday."

Miss B is just waiting for her birthday!

Getting so excited for you! Praying for you whenever I think of you and your herd - which is often. ;)

Cindy said...

One of my nieces was born on my birthday. She was born by c-section. If my sister had not had that c-section, we were beginning to think that baby girl had a plan to never leave her mother's belly. Apparently, she had herself a nice comfy spot in there. Her fingernails were like an inch long when she was born because she was so overdue.

Michelle said...

I pray that all goes well with little bit's delivery! I have been wondering how it is all going.