Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

Miss B isn't even here yet, and already she has been the recipient of so many beautiful things and sweet, precious gifts.  One onesie in particular makes me laugh... it says "I'm Kind of a Big Deal".  And isn't that the truth?  Of course, there is also the bib that says, "I am NOT a Boy".  I assume it's meant for little baldy girls, but my boys and I get a kick out of it for different (obvious) reasons.

While there is no way I can share every gift here, I thought I would show and tell some of the sweet and special things that have come into our home in the last few weeks.

First up, we were so happy to have a visit from my sister and BIL recently.  We don't get to see them nearly enough.  My sweet sister showed up with a handful of crocheted headbands... all different sizes and colors, and each adorned with a precious crocheted flower.  And then, sitting right in my living room one night, she made one more!

Then there was the giftbag from friends at church.  Among the other baby things in the bag was this soft, sweet blanket:
I was later informed that the blanket had belonged to the couple's young teenage daughter.  The very same girl who has a soft spot for Tyler and often takes care of him at church.  She searched through her things, picked it out, washed it up and tied up for Miss B.  I can't wait to wrap our little miss up in such a special gift!

And finally.... all waiting for someone's arrival, is the cradle I slept in as a baby, freshly made with brand-spankin' new bedding that my mom and I tag-team sewed over the course of a few days.  
Only one thing missing....and yet, we are already so blessed!

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Cindy said...

She isn't here yet because heaven is getting her ready just for you.