Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Morning at the Playground

1. After 3 months of high-90s to mostly over 100 degree temps, we are two days in to beautiful, mild fallish weather

2. With the countdown to baby into the final week, our school schedule has let up considerably this week.

3. With the countdown to baby into the final week, Mama goes stir-crazy without much warning.

4.  And have I mentioned how thrilled we are about not feeling like we're in an inferno when we walk outside?

So we got some things done this morning and then went to the library and the park! :)
Yay for fall!  Yay for homeschooling!  And yay for getting out of the house!


Lisa said...

We were marveling at that same magnificent blue sky at lunch today!

Kristin said...

This is fabulous weather! I am so glad that you and your guys got out. They are SO adorable! Can't wait to put arms around all of them!

Cindy said...

The weather is a blessing! The sky is beautiful.

Linda Jacobs said...

Your boys are so darn cute! Glad your weather is more tolerable. And, yes, yay for homeschooling; otherwise, they might have missed playing outdoors on your beautiful day.

Keri Mae said...

Bay-bee! Bay-bee! Bay-bee!

(sorry...getting a little excited here...)

Love and hugs!

Jennifer said...

and yeah for babies coming really soon:) how exciting for all of you!!