Monday, August 29, 2011

An amazing thing happened today.

It rained!!

No really.... this is amazing.

Even though we are now back up to a sweltering 90 outside,

#1 - It's far better than the usual 103-107 we've been having this time of day,

#2 - I'm still  living off the memories of our cool, rainy morning.

It was like being in a dream (and a really good one) to be awakened before my alarm by big rumbles of thunder.  Could it really be!?  Instead of going on his morning run, my honey checked the radar (and outside) and crawled back into bed with me for a little extra snooze time.

When the boys made their appearance for the day (a little later than usual, thanks to the cloud-covered sunrise) it was still raining outside.  I was just on my way out to admire the stuff falling from the sky, so we made it a family event.  (Minus Daddy, who had already gone to work.)

After an isolated lightening bolt put a stop to playing out in the raindrops there were still scooters and tricycles to ride under the safety of the porch.

And since we were there, we decided why not enjoy breakfast out in the crisp breezy morning as well?

Followed by more playing.  

Even after the rain had stopped, the cool morning (and mud) was irresistible.

So thankful for the welcome respite from the heat, and so excited that fall is (oh-so-hopefully) around the corner!
The rainy treasures my boys brought to me.


Kristin said...

What fun! I love that muddy picture of Ty!

Linda Jacobs said...

Enjoying simple gifts is what it's all about!

Love the new look to your blog!

Amy said...

Thanks, Linda! I'll give you one guess who my designer is. ;)

Jennifer said...

Way for little boys and mud puddles - how cute!! and yeah for rain in Texas!