Monday, August 1, 2011

1st Day of School

As I mentioned in yesterday's curriculum post, today was our first day of the new school year.

With this being our 4th year officially homeschooling, I finally had more realistic expectations of what today would be like.

That is the positive way of putting it.  The more pessimistic version would be the honest admission that I was dreading today just a little bit.  

After a month or two of little structure or routine and Daddy being home all day every day, the first week back is always a bit of a shock to everyone's system.  All the fun plans and new curriculum are still exciting, but it just takes a little settling in to get to all that enjoyment.

I am so glad to be going into this year with a strengthened awareness and resolve that what we are doing here every day has much more to do with our children's character training and spiritual education than it does the 3 R's or anything else academic we end up throwing at them.

If my focus today had been the handwriting and math skills I think I would have yelled and cried and wanted to pull my hair out.  I know this from experience. :)

So even though I was dreading the battles I felt sure we'd face today, I was much more prepared and patient with our renewed perspective of what really matters.

I dealt with each heart and behavior issue as it came up (and yes, my own patience and self control were pushed to their limits), and worried less about the borrowing and carrying and layers of the ocean.  That stuff will all get learned in due time. 

Maybe even next week, after we have re-established some good habits and training around here.  But first we all have to get through tomorrow. 
Just kidding.  Sort of. ;)  But for the record?  Even with its challenges, I wouldn't trade this homeschooling thing for the world.


Kristin said...

Happy first day of school!!! They are all so precious!

Cindy said...

So the kids are not the only ones learning, huh? Job well done.

Linda Jacobs said...

Can't tell you how much I admire you for homeschooling! I tried it once for a couple months when my daughter was in ninth grade. Hardest thing I ever did! Is there a link somewhere to Dale's blog? I'd love to read it.