Tuesday, August 2, 2011

50 Days and Feeling It

Funny to me, way back when I was pregnant with Tyler I added a "Pregnancy" label to my post categories, and yet, through 1 2/3 pregnancies, I have hardly used it.

I just don't talk about being pregnant much!

But, pregnant I am.
And yesterday, for what may just be the first time in 4 pregnancies, I looked at my time remaining and thought, "I don't know how I'm going to make it that much longer!"

Maybe it's the heat.  Temps in the 1-0-somethings make everybody cranky, pregnant or not.

It's certainly not that I am carrying around a humongous belly.  If I have heard it once (and I have), then I've heard 100 times about how small my belly is, and how I'm 'finally' starting to show.

I've never carried very big.  With Dale I was kind of defensive and disappointed about it.  It was my first pregnancy and I wanted everyone to know it!  Then he turned out to be 8lbs 4oz and surprised all of us!
I carried about the same with Alan, and he was smaller - 7lbs 8 oz. 
The night before Tyler was born I was with a group of ladies from church, and we all made predictions of how big he would be.  Based on my tummy size, they all guessed small.  And that boy also came out 8lbs 4oz!

So, even though I am blessed not to have an overly large, extra-cumbersome belly in front of me, I do remind myself that, visible or not, I am carrying around 32 1/2 weeks of baby.

And then there's that whole loose ligaments making my bones grind together thing.  And yes it is as uncomfortable as it sounds, thankyouverymuch.  But I think that's enough said about that, don't you?   We'll just pretend I didn't mention it.

At any rate, whatever may have caused it, I was surprised to catch myself thinking yesterday I have almost had enough.  Because usually I am a big fan of being pregnant.  And, for today at least, I am again.  Let's just hope that feeling lasts another 6 weeks or so!


Cindy said...

It is the heat. Blame everything on it, I do. Late for work? It's heat related. Don't feel like going to the store? Too hot. Spent too much money on that eye shadow? I had to cheer myself up because of the heat. See how it works?

Tiff said...

You look wonderful! Hope the next 6 weeks go quickly for you!=)