Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thinking about Food

This time next week we will have finished our Thanksgiving meal and settled in for an afternoon of... what?  Bicycle rides in the sunshine?  Game playing?  Naps?  Only time will tell.  

Seeing as how I love food, next week's menu -not the afternoon entertainment - is what's on my mind.

Of course we are planning on the traditional turkey, dressing, gravy & cranberry sauce.

After that?

A sweet potato dish of some kind.  Back in the days when I watched a lot of Food Network, quite a few regulars on there talked about what a travesty it was to put marshmallows on top of anything supposed to be fit for dinner.  Personally?  I don't see a problem with them.  But then there is that crispy, nutty, brown sugar topping that can also top a sweet potato casserole.  Mmm... that one is good too!  How do you top your sweet potatoes?

And since sweet potatoes are a must-have at our thanksgiving, we usually don't add in any other potato.  Even though there was that one year I made the mashed potato/spinach casserole.  And some of my extended family always has potato salad.  Still, to me, having both potatoes seems redundant.  What about you?  Do you serve both?

After the potato decisions have been made, we will also be having a green veggie or two.  We have a broccoli salad that has become a family favorite and is sure to be seen.  It consists of broccoli, raisins, and sunflower seeds, among other things.

Green beans are also usually a given.  While the famous green bean casserole is good, we often opt instead for a garlic/soy sauce green bean dish.  

There have been years we have also had a steaming serving of greens with our thanksgiving meal.  It seems so untraditional, and so very southern, but I always like it!

Add to that plate a jello salad or two and a hot roll, and there you have our basic thanksgiving dinner!

Served alongside a glass of sweetened iced tea, and followed up with pecan and pumpkin pies!  

Of course, there are always surprises, as at least one of us inevitably gets carried away at the last minute and throws in a corn casserole, or macaroni & cheese, or brussels sprouts or an extra dessert or two.  But you won't see me complaining. :)

So what makes your thanksgiving dinner?  I could always use new ideas.  You know... in case I get carried away at the last minute. :)


Kristin said...

I love love love the broccoli salad!!! I can NOT wait! Yum, yum, yum!!!

Linda Jacobs said...

We usually have squash instead of sweet potatoes. I cut a buttercup one in half horizontally, scoop out the seeds, pierce it with a fork all over, put in some brown sugar and butter then bake it for an hour or so. Yum!

Other than that, I'm keeping it simple this year: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn for Kylie because she loves it, my homemade rolls, a pickle dish because my mother-in-law makes them, cranberry sauce that I'll make from frozen cranberries. And that's about it.

Hope you have a wonderful, grateful day!

Oh, and I love what you are doing with the boys and their thankfulness tree!

Suzanne said...

travest?! are you kidding me?! marshmallows, woman - it's the only way to go!

and sweet potatoes are their own food group - therefore, you can always add a cheesy potato casserole, because it's a whole other food, right?

and your greens comment made me pause - you don't live in the south with me? doesn't everybody live down here? :)
though, i DO NOT eat greens. ugh.

yeast rolls - you must have warm yeast rolls!

and four layer dessert - divine.

hope your day is absolutely yummy!

Michelle said...

Sweet potatoes: mashed (like potatoes), smoothed in a pan, covered with cinnamon/sugar and warmed in the over until it gets bubbly, serve with caramel desert sauce (like for ice cream) YUMMO!

I serve both potatoes. Chad HAS to have sweet and I HAVE to have regular, so we do both.

Veggies: Chad MUST have green bean casserole. I am perfectly happy to have nothing healthy. :-) We will probably have broccoli and "squishy carrots" (both steamed)though, because all my babies love them.

Other: My MIL always makes a tray with olives, pickles, and cheeses. I am so so with it, but Chad and girls love it, so we will have it this year.

Desserts: Pumpkin pie (by Lauren), Pecan pie (by me) Pumpkin roll (by MIL) and some kind of cookies (by Emilee)

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful! We have oh-so-much to be thankful for!