Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Children's Book Tuesday - Freight Train

Time for another Children's Book Tuesday!

Although we are technically supposed to present just one book each week, I couldn't help putting these up as a pair:
Both of my boys love trains, so these books are and have been hits with them both. Freight Train is the original, full of simple text, simple pictures, and great for learning colors!

Inside Freight Train is a fun pull-out board book that gives you a look at what the cars are carrying:
Alan is loving these both this week, and Dale may or may not have been caught looking them over, too. ;)

To see more favorite children's books and post your own, visit Suzanne @
The Joyful Chaos!

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Anonymous said...

My boys love all his books, good choice!

Hope you're feeling well, not too long to go! Thanks for stopping by, and thinking of us through Judah's arrival!