Friday, November 13, 2009

A Random, Rambly Post About Being 7 Months Pregnant

Have you noticed the counter on my sidebar lately?  

Sixty days.

Sixty days, y'all.  That's not a lot.

In a way, it seems like I've been pregnant forever, but for the most part time is flying by.  And the closer we get to January, the faster time is going.

I am so not in a hurry for this baby to get here.  Sure I want to see his face and kiss his feet and get to know a new little person.  But honestly?  A baby in the womb sure is easier to care for than a brand-new one in the hand.  Or the crib.  Or whatever.  

Sure I have my share of pregnancy inconveniences and aches and pains that I'll be glad to see go.  I'm not going to detail them here because #1 - do you really want to know?  and #2 - I have relatives that read this blog.  People I will have look in the eye at Christmas dinner or the next family reunion.  

I'd rather not be wondering if speaking to me is bringing to mind all those private pregnancy details.  And yes, I would be more comfortable sharing such details anonymously on the world wide web than I would with people I actually know.  I'm just weird like that, I guess.

I've been keeping up with a few homeschooling blog families that have added a new baby recently.  Enjoying admiring their newborn pictures - they both happen to have boys!  
And curious to see how they are adjusting.  Our little one is due to arrive around January 14, after we will have had:
A one-week break from school for Thanksgiving, quickly followed by a 3-week break for Christmas.  Then an in-between week in January in which we might or might not do school.  

And then how long will it be before we start back?

We could easily be 'out' of school for 2 months in the middle of the winter.  But you know.... so what?  We'll get back to it eventually.  Maybe sooner than I think.  But even if it's later, the worst that could happen is we finish up our school year in July.  And who will care?  We'll just call ourselves year-round schoolers!

Our incredible church family gave us a shower last week.  Are you supposed to have showers for a third baby?  That fact didn't seem to bother them a bit.  They rolled out the punch and the cookies and the sweetest presents.  They really are the greatest.

And then there has been the issue of naming this child.  The first two weren't so hard to name... what happened??  But I think we might finally actually maybe have one picked out.  But I'm not telling yet.  Because I might change my mind.  Like I have 57 times already.

The big Rearranging of Furniture is coming up soon.  Daddy Buffalo will be home the entire week of Thanksgiving, so the transformation from play-room to baby's room will take place then.  Thanks to a giant fabric mural thing that I bought for Dale and Alan's room, they are actually excited about the switch-up.  In their mind, they aren't losing a play-room... they are gaining a huge colorful city-scape wall-hanging!  Whew.  I'm certainly glad for that! 

So.  There you have it.  All the random rambly-ness I can manage to spill in one post.

Back to our regularly scheduled daily lives for the next post.

What's new with you?


Karen said...

Well, I think your pregnancy has absolutely flown by! ;)

Thanks to the shower, it looks like you'll be stocked up on diapers. For a week or so. Just kidding, of course.

60 days, give or take, until we meet Baby Buffalo #3 (for lack of a better name). Can you tell I'm getting so excited for you?!

Kristin said...

I LOVED this post!!! Sometimes I almost forget you are pregnant, because I never see you and you don't blog about it. That makes me super sad! But I'm going to see you tomorrow! I'm going to rub your belly and you can't stop me!!! :P

Michelle said...

You look so pretty, and I love seeing pictures of you and your mama! (Don't know why, just do.) I for one can't wait to meet the newest little buffalo! And I like random, as evidenced by my blog. :-)

Unknown said...

It flys by at times and then at other moments it just S L O W L Y plods away...each pregnancy is different I think!

Yea for loving church friends! Our church just started giving showers for ALL babies and I thought, "Hey, how wonderful is that?!" After all a baby is a baby to celebrate! :D

I TOTALLY agree with you school-ing will start the meantime, they will learn all sorts of other patience, helping mommy, and so on! :)

I've been staying off the internet a bit more and organizing, schooling, & just keeping caught up with up, crafting for Christmas! :) Thanks for asking!


JENNIFER said...

Random and rambly are my middle name, have you read my blog? Personally, I think EVERYONE should have a shower for EVERY child. We school year round, currently, we do 4 day "school days", it works just fine. God Bless you and your growing family. -Jen (chubby girl)

Shanna said...

There is simply nothing more fitting to pregnancy than random thoughts!

And I totally agree that EVERY baby deserves a baby shower...I don't necessarily need the presents. Just give me the chicken salad croissants and the sherbert punch! ...on second thought, the presents are fun too. ;-)

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! I just had our third girl at the end of August, so I can relate on a lot of your "random" points. ;0)

Don't stress over the homeschooling stuff -- you'll do fine and so will the kids. I was worried about this as well, having a newborn at the very beginning of the school year, but we've accomplished more than I thought we would. Wearing Baby Girl in a sling has worked wonders! Sleep deprivation has been the hardest thing for me. We've had a lot of days of just reading books and lapbooking on the couch or at the desk. Lots of learning still going on, though! I've prayed for strength often and God always provides enough energy to get us through another day. ;0)

We also had trouble choosing a name this time. We wanted to stick with a Biblical name, since we all have Bible names. I also felt like I wouldn't be 100% sure until I saw her.

Best wishes! (And thanks for the nice comments on my blog, too.)

Gracie Parker said...

thanks for the linky love ;) !

oh, girl.. i'm gonna go on and say it, i'm SO VERY glad i'm not where you are right now! SO VERY glad to be on the flip side! i'll tell you what everybody told me at this stage - it's worth it - every single little second of it! (but then you already know that, don't you?!)

did you already post a picture of the wall hanging? if not, i wanna see when you get everything arranged!

i love that you're having trouble with a name (well, you know what i mean, right?) TheFinalist didn't have a middle name until 2 days before his birth! i even prayed about it - i asked Him to just let us know! and it was perfect when it came to us!

love your pregnancy posts - i've written so much about them, but have read so few people's!

don't worry about school - it'll come - even if it's in july! and THAT will be perfect. it's all good, girl, all good!

momtofivekids said...

I'm so excited for you, Amy! God will give you the perfect name! We named one of our boys when I was in labor, one the day before he was born and we named Christian the day after he was born! I knew Sophie's name though the whole pregnancy, though.