Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Links 2/9

My friend Karen has done Weekend Links posts for a long time now, and I always enjoy browsing through her weekly finds.

It finally occurred to me to join the party.  Maybe some of you will like some of these links as much as I like Karen's!

This week's links:
We've always used (and liked) the Bible coloring pages from Calvary Curriculum, but we're starting to wear them out! I was happy to find some new ones this week: Beginner's Bible coloring sheets

Loved the sound marriage advice and good reminder in  Start a Small Kitchen Fire.

As much as our boys love computer time (and we're moving on up in the technology world - a tablet coming soon!), I'm always looking for ways for keeping up with screen time.  We may try this method for a little while.

I love my crock pot. May have to try this crock pot peach cobbler soon!

For inspiration and help keeping up with deep cleaning projects 31 days to a clean house   is helpful. She includes a handy  printable in the post.

I loved the article Living Small.  Every so often I cycle through feeling all down on my blog or myself... falling for the comparison trap.  This is a great encouragement to serve well and find significance where you are.

More helpful admonition and encouragement, from a different angle: Are You an Angry Mom? from Amy @ Raising Arrows.

A few of my favorite Pins this week:

Ignore the goofy look.  This post has some great marriage do's and don'ts!
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Sweet truth for Valentine's Day.

We are in love with these triple bunks! Maybe someday...


Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Hooray! The more, the merrier! Love your links. That marriage post is excellent. And we've considered triple bunks for a while now. Maybe the next house... (Or this one if we absolutely can't sell!)

VanderbiltWife said...

Thanks for linking up! Looking forward to visiting your links soon. :)

Tiff said...

Oooohhhh... I love those triple bunks, too! We'll definitely be needing them in the near future when my baby boy is out of his crib! ;)