Monday, February 18, 2013

Chicken. Fruit. Veggies.

I was talking with a friend this weekend that having 5 kids doesn't mean we've got everything all figured out.  We haven't cracked some parenting formula that makes it easy.  

You know why?  Because every child really is different.  Child two is different from child one.  Child three is different from children two and one.  Child four is different from three, two, and one.

Not surprisingly, Child five is different from all four that came before him.

After making our own observations (two months of a stuffy nose and skin problems), discussing them with a trusted family friend (and nurse), and doing a little bit of internet reading, we're convinced Daniel has allergy trouble.

He's exclusively breastfed, so that means whatever is causing his trouble has to be eliminated from my diet to be eliminated from his.

For the greatest chances of quick relief for Daniel, I have decided to eliminate all of the biggest triggers: dairy, eggs, wheat, and nuts.

This course of action certainly doesn't make me feel like super mom.  In fact, I've felt rather sorry for myself!  Self-pity will only make things worse, so I'm taking the first course of action that comes to mind with any of life's little happenings: blog about it!

Y'all have been with me for a liver transplant and all that entailed, the announcement and birth of 3 children, homeschooling, getting a dog, and countless tales of daily life.  Why not share this little adventure as well?

Starting today, I have completely cut all dairy, eggs, wheat and nuts.  Hopefully we'll see a difference soon in Daniel.  In a few weeks I will add each category back one at a time.

The wheat and nuts will be a pain (hello! no pbj's!) but I can work around it. 

I'll miss the eggs and will be a little challenged cooking some things without them, but again, I can deal with it.

But the dairy?  Ohhhh dairy how I will miss you.  Cheese, chocolate, sour cream, cheese, milk, butter, chocolate... the loss of dairy is where the whining rears its ugly head!

I love cheese. I really love cheese.  And chocolate.


And here's the real kicker: I'm 95% certain it's the dairy causing sweet baby boy's problems.

I am hoping he will do great after I eliminate these things.  Then I fully expect to add back wheat, nuts, and eggs with no problems.  If that's how it goes down, I won't even bother testing the dairy.  

The good news is he won't be nursing forever, and he should outgrow this little allergy in a few years. I cooked dairy-free for over a year around 2009-2010 for other reasons, so for our main meal each day I'm not too worried about coming up with a plan.
As far as the blogging, I don't plan on whining and complaining.  But I thought we could  share some food ideas.

My biggest concerns are: 
1. being hungry
2. losing weight
3. what to eat for breakfast

I figure I'll manage to take of #1 just fine: Eat.  All the time, if necessary. :)
#2.... I'm looking for other fat sources besides dairy fats.  Plus I figure #1 will help too.
#3.  Breakfast.  I have always enjoyed savory for breakfast just as much as sweet.  Even though eggs are off-limits for now I am intrigued by the idea of beans for breakfast.  I've heard the idea several times and it's always sounded appealing.  So I'm picturing corn tortillas and beans for some mornings.  Oatmeal is another option.  And green smoothies with rice milk.

Do you have allergy experience?  Do tell!


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Oh, you sweet thing! I feel for you! It's truly only that deep motherly love that you give up chocolate for your baby :)

Beans for breakfast...we eat them ALL the time! Living in Mexico does that, you know ;) Homemade flour tortillas filled with refried beanss We eat this (with salsa) several times a week. I make the beans in my crockpot overnight and then refry them in the morning (you can refry in oil, shortening, or if you want to be really authentic, lard). Or you can refry them with no fat at all, but they taste way better with the fat...oh, and sure to salt them!!
Burritos are a huge breakfast thing here...shredded beef, bean and potato...yum! Add some fruit or a glass of juice and your ready to hit the road running.
Ok, I'm not a breakfast eater, so I really shouldn't talk like I am, but my hubby and dozen kids tell me that burritos for breakfast are the best!
We do lots of oatmeal too, but I can't imagine it w/o milk...but maybe with coconut or soy milk?
Hoping your little guy feels better soon!

Arkansas Grandma said...

Don't forget Silk you will never know it is not milk.

Linda Jacobs said...

I stopped eating wheat a while ago and convinced my husband to try life without it about six weeks ago. He had a rashy area on his head and wicked acid reflux. I had just read the book Wheat Belly and thought wheat might be the problem. And sure enough, he's been so much better! The rash is almost completely gone and he has only suffered from the reflux a couple times when he cheated.

I found a great gluten-free bread mix by Bob's Red Mill called Wonderful Bread. Easy to kneading!...and it makes your house smell wonderful!

Good luck with your experiment and I hope Daniel will be better soon!

Cindy said...

I eat no animal products whatsoever by choice. I do not eat wheat either. I can tell you a great, great substitute for cheese is avocado. It has almost the same texture. I only eat oatmeal with fruit for breakfast. I can tell you that cutting all of these things from your diet will make you lose massive weight so I am not sure how you will overcome that. If you can eat soy, I recommend smoothies. They are the staple of all of my meals. Good Luck!