Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Around the House

In the fridge:
Bacon. That I bought without a plan for, but was on sale.  Because who couldn't use more bacon, right?

In the schoolroom:
Dinosaur week for preschool, paragraph writing for Dale, and "They Were Strong and Good" for Alan's Five-in-a-Row.  And a half-day off Thursday for a Valentine's party with friends.

On the menu:
Ribs and greens
Roast chicken legs, sweet potatoes, mushroom rice, salad
Stir fry
Fried fish and fixins
BBQ ribs

In the book basket:
Read aloud: Little House on the Prairie
Me: I, II, III John


Tyler: Dinosaur books


Baby Days:Poor Daniel has had one cold or another for weeks, plus eczema, and then this weekend, a feverish bout with roseola.  I feel like anything I say about him would be complaining, because, frankly... it's been kind of hard lately!  But how can I complain to have such a bundle of sweetness in my very own house?  He's ours, and we all love 'im... in spite of hard days. He'll be 4 months old on Valentine's day.  Pics then!

From the Camera:
Those two.
A Christmas tin.
The remains of a bag of cereal.
Under the baby swing.
All on their own.


Lisa said...

Those two.....what a pair. :)
Fish, you say??? What day is that??

Kristin said...

What a pair. :) Wait... did someone already say that?

Gotta stock up with that bacon shortage coming. ;)